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Volunteer Toolkit is currently down for annual scheduled maintenance and will be back online Thursday, July 12, 2018 to help you prepare for the Fall, 2018-19 "Back to Troop" season. Here's what you can expect when VTK is back online:

  • New! "Explore Tab": The new "Explore" tab lets you "Select your own" or use "Pre-selected Tracks" to jump start the Year Plan for your troop. New badge and award visuals let you see what your girls will earn.
  • New! Badge Tracks: Several new badge tracks have been added across all grade levels.
  • New! Badge Requirements: Badge images are now active buttons that show you the requirements and steps to earn each badge.
  • New! Program Content: New Badge and STEM Journeys across all grade levels, now including Cadette through Ambassador, and Multi-Level 6-12!

Are you looking to submit your Troop Finance Report? You'll be able to continue working through your form when VTK is back online July 12th!

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Thank you for your patience during this period of scheduled maintenance!